Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Super Lustrous Indeed.

 A  few posts ago I mentioned the Revlon goodie bag swag I got at the Mulberry SS12 event, included was a lovely red lipstick in the brands 'Super Lustrous' formula, described on their website as an exclusive 'LiquiSilk™' formula with "mega moisturizers to seal in colour and softness".

 I have no idea as to what "Liquisilk" is, I don't really care and part of me wonders why brands often bother hamming up a product with imaginative trademarks which mean nothing to it's customers. (hello Dior skincare, I'm talking to you...) Yes, it is moisturising but I'm not sure myself or anyone else would be swayed on its moisturising properties solely upon them including all of the technical cosmetic wizardry jargon that they do. Anyway, all that aside I reeeally like this lipstick.
 For around £7.49, depending on where you buy, you get 5g of product and at the minute Boots are doing their usual 3 for 2 promotion so if you were planning a few purchases anyway you might just be able to get this for free! The finish is similar to that of MAC's Amplified Creme, perhaps a little creamier, and the wear is good. After an hour or two the colour dies down to more of a fuschia/orange stain and once applied it seems to stay put, having only worn this in day time I can't comment on its behaviour on a night out but the OCD in me says a slick of Lipcote wouldn't go amiss to prevent the embarrassment of having red lipstick smeared around the chin and nose area when looking at the photos the next day.

The picture below is Revlon Super Lustrous in 'Revlon Red' swatched next to Chanels Rouge Allure Velvet in 'La Fascinante' (Review to come soon) in natural light. The Chanel is a much bluer toned red and helps show the orange undertones of the Revlon... Just to clear up any confusion the Revlon is the top swatch. All in all I really would recomend the Super Lustrous finish and already have my eye on the 'Blase Apricot' shade, although one downside with the range definitely has to be the shade names. 'Raisin Rage', 'Plumalicious' and 'Blase Apricot'? I think I now take back my previous comments about the lack of creative thought behind 'Revlon Red'...

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