Thursday, 24 November 2011

November Glossy Box

 I love Glossybox, behind payday it's one of the happiest days of the month. Novembers wasn't the box of dreams I was hoping for but there's always next months...
 As predicted, of course I received the bath salts in place of the Hair Elasticizer, which I REALLY wanted to try, and to add insult to injury instead of the hand cream I was gifted with the cooling foot cream. That should work a treat in December... I don't wish to talk about the Nail Rock Wraps (even though I do quite like the leopard print), the perfumes are nowhere near my cup of floral tea and the Monu Skin Perfector smells like that awful woodland fresh dry oil spray my mum used to order by the dozen from Avon.
(Excuse the terrible photographs, it was 1am and I was delirious with disappointment)
 I understand the concept of GlossyBox and that its element of surprise can work out amazingly in your favour or alternatively it could leave you with a box of perfume samples and foot cream, and for £12.95 can you really complain? There were rumours swirling around the twittersphere that some disgruntled GlossyBoxers were demanding a refund due to there being "no full sized products" I can't help but have a little sympathy for the poor soul who runs the GlossyBox social media... GlossyBox have never offered full size products as part of their luxury sample service, generously sized offerings are just one of many perks of the box, it can't all be full sized NARS illuminators and HD Brows now can it.

 I can't see the logic in hurling online abuse at GB's facebook threatening to unsubscribe and stray to another beauty box company, because at the end of the day its literally luck of the draw, people probably spend a relative amount on lottery tickets but don't compose a sarcastic email or wall post waxing lyrical about how disapointed they are because they didnt scoop the £5.3million jackpot...

Although saying that, the Christmas box better be bloody good.

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